STAR Releases a New Resource: Safety Planning Guide for Survivors

By Morgan Lamandre, Legal Director

Sexual assault can compromise a survivor’s physical and emotional safety. In order to help survivors address their physical and emotional safety after a sexual assault, advocates typically conduct “safety plans” with survivors to reduce risk of further harm. A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan that is meant to address a survivor’s unique physical, emotional, and basic needs after a sexual assault. Although a safety plan cannot guarantee safety from physical threats or violence, it can be a helpful tool for survivors to process and keep important information in one place for easy access when it’s needed.

STAR’s Safety Planning Guide can help you think through your unique physical, emotional, and basic needs after a sexual assault. The guide will help you consider:

  • Your physical safety and who you can call for emergency assistance
  • Who you can call when you need support
  • Security at your home, work, or school
  • Safe places and alternate routes to travel
  • Important things to keep with you at all times
  • Privacy concerns when using technology and social media
  • Your legal rights
  • Self-care and emotional safety tips

Click here to access STAR’s Safety Planning Guide for survivors of sexual assault.

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