Fulfilling our mission relies on community support. Help us continue our work to support survivors, improve systems response and create social change.

The presence of an organization like STAR has a tremendous impact on a community. Because sexual violence remains largely hidden in our communities due to the shame, stigma and taboo associated with the experience, STAR promotes awareness of the issue to the public at large and serves as a beacon for survivors to seek help and refuge.

With the record-breaking numbers of survivors coming forward to speak their truth and seek support, we can barely keep up with the demand for our services.

We need your help to continue this work. Can you commit to helping us support survivors and change the culture?

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What our services cost

$5,000: To provide a 10-week cycle of group counseling

$3,000: To provide legal representation to a survivor for one legal matter

$1,500: To operate our 24/7 hotline for one week

$1,000: To provide 10 individual counseling sessions to a survivor

$500: To dispatch a trained advocate to the hospital to provide support to survivors during a forensic medical exam

$250: To provide a legal consultation to a survivor

$100: To conduct a needs assessment with survivor