Spotlight on STAR Volunteers

This week is Volunteer Appreciation Week, and at STAR, we have many volunteers that support our team 24/7. We are thrilled to have so many people help provide support to survivors, accompany survivors to hospitals for forensic exams, and serve a selfless devotion to our nonprofit. Thank you to all of our volunteers that dedicate their time to fight against sexual violence. The work you do is invaluable, and we couldn’t do it without you!

We asked our volunteers why they love working at STAR, and here are some of their responses!

Ashley Messina

Ashley is a volunteer advocate, and she just started this year! She loves being a part of an organization that is dedicated to making a difference in the community and in the society at large! #SmashThePatriarchy. As a committed activist, she went to the first Women’s March in Washington D.C (2017).

Alyssa Ransom

Alyssa is a hotline advocate volunteer, and she has been with us for three years! She loves working for STAR, because it makes her feel like she is doing something to help support women. A fun fact about her is that she teaches anatomy!

Elizabeth Eaton

Elizabeth is a member of the regional advisory council, and she has been a part of STAR since 2019! Sexual trauma prevention, awareness, and response is a cause she is very passionate about as it because it effects so many people. Working with STAR and the community brings attention to these issues and challenging attitudes, beliefs and behaviors within our culture that normalize, excuse, condone and perpetuate violence and oppression. A fun fact about her is that she can fold a fitted sheet.

Kourtney Baker

Kourtney is a hotline advocate, and she has been with us for three years! She loves empowering survivors and connecting them to resources so that they can harness their inner power! She also loves dying her hair fun colors like purple and blue!

Tamara Palmer

Tamara is a STAR’s regional council member, and she has been in that position for two and a half years! She loves seeing the impact we have on the survivor community. As a survivor myself, she understands how much these services are needed. Fun fact! Did you know that Tamara was a featured extra in the movie Glory Road with Josh Lucas?

Frederique Mitchell

Frederique is a hotline volunteer at STAR, and she has been with us for seven months! She loves being part of an organization that supports survivors of sexual assault in numerous ways. Fun fact! Frederique loves baking!

Marina Hernandez

Marina is a dedicated volunteer here at STAR, and she has been in that position for almost two years! She loves being part of a time that prioritizes the needs of people who have just experienced possibly the most traumatic event in their lives. Not only that, but she feels valued by the STAR community, like she matters as a human being, not just a worker bee. Fun fact! Boxing is her favorite form of therapy and exercise!

Are you interested in getting involved with STAR?

As a volunteer, STAR will provide you with extensive training and educational opportunities, a supportive network of staff members and fellow volunteers, and an opportunity to help survivors heal and move past their trauma. Volunteering is a great resume-builder and a way to learn new skills! Click here to submit a volunteer application

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