Agents of Change: Laneceya Russ

There are many people in our community working to create positive change to end sexual violence. We want to meet as many of them as possible. If you would like to submit a recommendation, please email I strive to be a light to those around me, and I think I am doing a good job… Read More

The Good News: July 2015

THE BIG PICTURE “35 women tell their stories about being assaulted by Bill Cosby, and the culture that wouldn’t listen” ‘I’m no longer afraid,’ said Chelan Lasha, who came forward late last year to say that Cosby had drugged her when she was 17. ‘I feel more powerful than him.’ In 2005, Bill Cosby still had control… Read More

“The system failed her.” 

The story of Lyndsi Lambert is one that is all too familiar to advocates. A survivor presents to a hospital for a sexual assault forensic exam. After one of the most terrifying, disempowering and violating experiences one can endure, she continues to feel vulnerable and exposed while doctors and nurses collect evidence. As she attempts… Read More

Louisiana legislature examines sexual and domestic violence

STAR is joining LaFASA (Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault) and LCADV (Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence) on Tuesday, April 28 at the Capitol to demand changes in the way our state handles and responds to domestic and sexual violence. This legislative session includes bills that respond to our state’s needs involving these issues. Below is a detailed list… Read More

Hold your breath: Refusal to report sexual violence isn’t just about stigma

Antigravity Magazine published the following essay in January 2015. The essay’s author, Ann Glaviano, is a New Orleans copy editor and grant writer. We at STAR thank Ann Glaviano for authoring this piece and Antigravity Magazine for publishing it. I spent my first six months of graduate school being stalked and sexually harassed, verbally and physically, by another student. I… Read More

Change starts from within

Our response to survivors’ stories in the media With heightened attention on sexual assault in the media, we are witnessing very public criticism and scrutiny of survivors’ stories. From the well-publicized Rolling Stone article on the UVA gang rape to the ever-growing list of women accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them, we continue… Read More

Veterans Day: Recognize military sexual assault

Veterans Day is a national holiday to honor the United States armed forces. During this day, many pay tribute to those who have died or have been injured due to their service. However, we often ignore the impacts of sexual trauma within the military. Here’s a few facts to help present the magnitude of this issue:… Read More

The Scarlett “R” – Stigma, Shame and Speaking Out

“When I returned to work [after I was raped] and was on the elevator with people I knew—I felt like I had a scarlet ‘R’ in the middle of my forehead. I felt branded by my assault and was confident that my scarlet R was all they saw.” (Source: Putting the Focus on Victims) Stigma,… Read More

The Sexy Rapist

Former Saints player Darren Sharper was arrested in January following an investigation into two charges of rape. More women have now come forward with similar allegations. Many people watching coverage of Sharper’s arrest and of the allegations are left scratching their heads, no doubt because one of the most persistent myths about rape and sexual… Read More

Child sexual abuse victims need our support, not blame

Written by Racheal Hebert, LMSW Executive Director at STAR According to local news sources, last week five men and one woman were arrested in connection to the multiple rapes of a 12-year-old girl in Port Allen, LA.  WBRZ reported that Ivy Martin, a registered sex offender, began raping the young girl after a period of grooming, where… Read More