Agents of Change: George Godfrey

There are many people in our community working to create positive change to end sexual violence. We want to feature as many of them as possible. If you would like to submit a recommendation, please email Historically, this is an issue that affects everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, age, or… Read More

The ACE Study: Finding a new fix

This month, we are exploring The Intersection between childhood trauma and adult adverse health outcomes.  Have you heard of the ACE study? It resulted in the largest public health discovery of our time and possibly of all time, but you likely have no idea what I’m talking about…yet. It all began with interviews Dr. Vincent J. Felitti… Read More

Guilt and Innocence

One common characteristic of traumatic, life-threatening situations is that victims will experience a sense of extreme powerlessness against forces that clearly do not value their health, humanity and well-being. This is not only terrifying, it is destabilizing and dehumanizing. The good news is that a survivor of a terrifying, life-threatening trauma may be comforted and… Read More

Introduction to “The Intersection”

STAR’s vision is to build a community free from oppression and sexual trauma. You may be wondering, why include “oppression” as something we seek to eliminate? Why not just sexual trauma? Recently at STAR, we instituted “issue of the day” discussions at our weekly staff briefings concerning current events and social issues being covered in the… Read More

Louisiana legislature examines sexual and domestic violence

STAR is joining LaFASA (Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault) and LCADV (Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence) on Tuesday, April 28 at the Capitol to demand changes in the way our state handles and responds to domestic and sexual violence. This legislative session includes bills that respond to our state’s needs involving these issues. Below is a detailed list… Read More

Hold your breath: Refusal to report sexual violence isn’t just about stigma

Antigravity Magazine published the following essay in January 2015. The essay’s author, Ann Glaviano, is a New Orleans copy editor and grant writer. We at STAR thank Ann Glaviano for authoring this piece and Antigravity Magazine for publishing it. I spent my first six months of graduate school being stalked and sexually harassed, verbally and physically, by another student. I… Read More

Veterans Day: Recognize military sexual assault

Veterans Day is a national holiday to honor the United States armed forces. During this day, many pay tribute to those who have died or have been injured due to their service. However, we often ignore the impacts of sexual trauma within the military. Here’s a few facts to help present the magnitude of this issue:… Read More

Our View: Survivors should not have to pay for crimes committed against them

Recently there have been several news stories that have uncovered the problematic issue of survivors receiving bills for sexual assault forensic examinations. Here in the Capital Region, STAR works with the local hospital systems to advocate for survivors so that they do not have to pay costs out of pocket. We know that this is simply a stop-gap… Read More

To Report or Not To Report: Pouring fuel into the “Blaming the Victim” machine

Reporting rape and seeking help are probably the most delicate issues that the survivors of sexual assault face. Today we want to talk about these issues and present an inspirational piece to our readers. According to Nicole Gillum, Sexual Trauma Specialist at STAR, statistics in Baton Rouge, LA, match the national statistics. Only about 5%… Read More