Why Children Don’t Tell

Media outlets continue to cover the horrifying sexual abuse former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar committed against young athletes that sought his care. At his trial, 156 victims spoke, recounting similar stories of how they went to Nassar to receive his care for sports injuries only to be sexually assaulted and told it was a form… Read More

Agents of Change: Ashley Seaverson

If I see something that’s inappropriate and involves rape culture in any way, I speak up and say something. I try to educate others about things like consent and how to treat survivors of sexual assault. – Ashley Seaverson 1. What is your position at STAR? I am a part-time Medical Advocate for STAR, so… Read More

Confronting Our Fears as Parents: The Reality of False Accusations Against Our Sons

By Morgan Lamandre, Esq., STAR’s Legal Director I had my first child, a son, in September 2012. As most people do these days, I found out the sex of my child before I gave birth. I will never forget the reactions I would get when I would tell people that I was going to have… Read More

Agents of Change: Stephanie Jacque

You don’t have to have a degree in social work or psychology. Basically, you just need to have empathy and STAR’s training is going to give you all the basic skills that you need to be able to help someone when they call. – Stephanie Jacque 1. What is your current connection to STAR? I… Read More

STAR Reflects on #MeToo

For decades, staff and volunteers at centers like STAR have witnessed the many and varied injustices survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and assault face each day. We have intimate knowledge of the ways in which our systems and communities fail to hold perpetrators accountable and stigmatize survivors for speaking out about the violence committed against… Read More

Agents of Change: Emily Broussard

The movement to end sexual trauma needs women and men who are passionate about human rights and justice for all. It needs people who are compassionate, understanding, and empathetic. If you have any of these qualities, then you are right for the job. – Emily Broussard 1. What is your position at STAR? I am… Read More

Agents of Change: Rebecca Marchiafava

I feel connected to a constellation of staff members, volunteers, interns, donors and community partners who recognize the severity of sexual violence and work to make positive impacts from individual to systemic levels. Despite the entrenched challenges we face, it’s motivating to be connected to so many people working for positive change. – Rebecca Marchiafava… Read More

Agents of Change: Mandy Roberts

Actively becoming more aware of rape culture and taking a stand to not contribute to or indulge offensive comments, jokes, conversations, and actions that would continue to normalize it can make a much larger difference than you would believe. – Mandy Roberts 1. What is your connection to STAR? I am a volunteer hotline and… Read More