Our View: Survivors should not have to pay for crimes committed against them

Recently there have been several news stories that have uncovered the problematic issue of survivors receiving bills for sexual assault forensic examinations. Here in the Capital Region, STAR works with the local hospital systems to advocate for survivors so that they do not have to pay costs out of pocket. We know that this is simply a stop-gap… Read More

STAR’s tips and tricks for the Halloween season

Halloween is the undoubtedly the best holiday of the year! Here at STAR, we know a few ways to make it even better! Celebrate responsibly (and respectfully) Magic is in the air! Halloween isn’t just for the kiddos; we adults get an excuse to party too. As we all know, many adult gatherings include alcohol—society’s… Read More

September Media Update

Local  Scott Rodgers thought to have been murdered by ex-lover LSU working to stay updated on campus sexual assault issues Man arrested on suspicion of molesting 16-year-old after LSU football tailgating STAR in the News Nola.com reports: Baton Rouge a hub for sex trafficking  Nola.com reports: Louisiana campus sexual assault report is a mixed bag, legislator… Read More

Alcohol ≠ Foreplay: Shouldn’t the attraction be intoxicating enough?

In our first Consent Campaign essay, we explored how those who commit rape often use alcohol as a tool to incapacitate and control their victims. In this essay, we’re tackling the connection between alcohol and unhealthy norms of sexual interaction. Being sexually immature means wanting to do it, but not wanting to talk about it. –Mike… Read More

“Drunk Yet?” Alcohol is the #1 date rape drug

Trigger Warning: This essay contains a scenario of acquaintance rape. Education Warning: This essay contains information that may change the way you think about the connection between alcohol and rape. Because it is legal and can be found pretty much anywhere, many people fail to recognize alcohol as a drug. Yet it is a drug, and… Read More

June Media Update

Local News Louisiana’s full House approved “Erin’s Law”, requiring schools to teach kids what constitutes sexual abuse and sexual assault. Louisiana lawmakers have given police and prosecutors a deadline to promptly test DNA evidence collected following a sexual assault and to report their progress. The inspector general audit found that the New Orleans Police Department misclassified many rape cases.… Read More

May Media Update

Local News A convicted sex offender from Port Allen repeatedly raped his girlfriend’s 12-year-old daughter last year and arranged sexual encounters between the girl and other adults. He was indicted along with five others in the rape of the child. Baton Rouge Police arrested a 32-year-old man accused of beating and raping a woman at… Read More