Domestic Violence as a Queer and Trans Public Health Issue

By Alexis Canfield Each year we recognize October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In this month, we try to bring awareness to those who have been impacted by domestic and interpersonal violence, give them a place to tell their stories, and hopefully inspire change. The National Coalition against Domestic Violence (n.d.) defines domestic violence as… Read More

Confronting Our Fears as Parents: The Reality of False Accusations Against Our Sons

By Morgan Lamandre, Esq., STAR’s Legal Director I had my first child, a son, in September 2012. As most people do these days, I found out the sex of my child before I gave birth. I will never forget the reactions I would get when I would tell people that I was going to have… Read More

The Intersection: Nate Parker, Denial and the Damage Done

The Intersection is a regular, in-depth segment in which we examine the many layers of oppression, violence, and trauma that we encounter in our survivor-focused and community-based work at STAR. The Background Nate Parker is an actor, writer and director who has recently received a great deal of attention for his new film The Birth of… Read More

The ACE Study: Finding a new fix

This month, we are exploring The Intersection between childhood trauma and adult adverse health outcomes.  Have you heard of the ACE study? It resulted in the largest public health discovery of our time and possibly of all time, but you likely have no idea what I’m talking about…yet. It all began with interviews Dr. Vincent J. Felitti… Read More

Guilt and Innocence

One common characteristic of traumatic, life-threatening situations is that victims will experience a sense of extreme powerlessness against forces that clearly do not value their health, humanity and well-being. This is not only terrifying, it is destabilizing and dehumanizing. The good news is that a survivor of a terrifying, life-threatening trauma may be comforted and… Read More

Fun and Inviting! Tales of sexual harassment in the service industry

This month, we are exploring The Intersection between gender and economic oppression in the service industry. This essay is authored by Kaeli Egler, a STAR Volunteer, Agent of Change, and Fall 2015 intern in our Social Change program. Kaeli also wrote this month’s Pro(Social) Tips: Treating service industry workers like people. As a 4th grader, I remember… Read More

Safe sexting: Risk reduction vs. Expectations of respect

The following piece was written by Mary Helen Cagle, an Advocacy intern at STAR. As part of her internship, Mary Helen wrote this essay on revenge porn to change the conversation about sexting. We loved it so much, we had to feature it on our blog (with Mary Helen’s permission, of course). We hope you… Read More

Sex Workers and Sexual Trauma

When one imagines a “perfect” rape victim (meaning the type of victim commonly viewed as credible and undeserving of harm, and therefore most likely to receive community support), we imagine a young, virginal, white woman who is submissive, is dressed modestly, and is being ladylike at the time of her assault. While it’s true that… Read More

The Intersection: Men Matter

Men’s silence is deafening and deadly. James Brown of CBS Sports said this in a commentary on the NFL and domestic violence, in which he calls attention to the importance of ceasing to use sexist language and makes recommendations for the NFL to institute prevention education and bystander intervention programming. I showed the clip to a youth… Read More

Introduction to “The Intersection”

STAR’s vision is to build a community free from oppression and sexual trauma. You may be wondering, why include “oppression” as something we seek to eliminate? Why not just sexual trauma? Recently at STAR, we instituted “issue of the day” discussions at our weekly staff briefings concerning current events and social issues being covered in the… Read More