State Task Force to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

On August 11, just before unprecedented flooding began to devastate many areas of South Louisiana, Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana sent out a call for testimonials to inform the work of Louisiana’s Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children. This task force was created by the Louisiana Legislature in 2014 pursuant to Senate Concurrent Resolution 69 and further provided for… Read More

We are all fully human, even offenders

THE BIG PICTURE “David Bowie: Time to mourn or call out?“ “We can both remember and forgive as a people. We can hold folks accountable and keep them with us. We can remember, not forgive, and still move forward. We have options…  It can be difficult and scary and destabilizing to hold the reality of… Read More

The Good News: November 2015

THE BIG PICTURE “How the harassment of a Brazilian child unified the country’s women“ Valentina Schulz on Junior MasterChef in Brazil Women and girls are using their voices and stories to raise awareness and protest. The battle is far from over, but the inspiring campaigns of women around the world make me feel empowered to… Read More

The Good News: October 2015

THE BIG PICTURE “What’s Wrong with a Hug?: When a child in our church complained about an adult volunteer’s physical affection, we faced a difficult decision.” In reality, there are many forms of abuse, including emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse. If we think of abuse only as sexual, we will miss other forms of abuse, many… Read More

The Good News: September 2015

THE BIG PICTURE “Lady Gaga’s powerful new video shows the reality of campus sexual assault.” [Trigger Warning] The best way to combat sexual assault is to believe survivors. To stand beside them when they share their stories. To make sure their voices are heard. –Wagatwe Wanjuki Lessons Learned “Stranger Danger,” shouldn’t be the focal point of… Read More

The Good News: August 2015

THE BIG PICTURE “The secret your son isn’t telling you about campus sexual assault“ We all want to believe it’s not my son. Not my son who is the 1 in 3 college men who would rape if he could get away with it. Not my son who is the 1 in 9 college men who have admitted… Read More

The Good News: July 2015

THE BIG PICTURE “35 women tell their stories about being assaulted by Bill Cosby, and the culture that wouldn’t listen” ‘I’m no longer afraid,’ said Chelan Lasha, who came forward late last year to say that Cosby had drugged her when she was 17. ‘I feel more powerful than him.’ In 2005, Bill Cosby still had control… Read More

May Media Update

Local Legislation supporting sex assault victims advances to House Appropriations Committee Legislation that halts medical bills from being presented to rape victims sails through House committee House panel OKs rape victim exam funding Photo credit: Rape victim waves hospital bills before Louisiana lawmakers in emotional plea for new law Bill aimed at aiding sexual… Read More

April Media Update

Local STAR offers legal services for sexual assault survivors Baton Rouge gears up for Sexual Assault Awareness Month 10 things to know about Darren Sharper’s plea deal settling rape charges Leges take up sexual assault policies Smiling former Destrehan teacher ought to be on state’s sex-offender list: Jarvis DeBerry Christian Life Academy teacher arrested for… Read More

Sexual Assault Awareness Month spotlights campus sexual violence

Safer campuses. Brighter futures. Prevent sexual assault. That’s what the National Sexual Violence Resource Center is asking of our nation this April. The U.S. first recognized April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month in 2001. Since then, NSVRC and other sexual violence organizations have hosted campaigns each April to spread awareness about sexual trauma and to… Read More