Parent Powers: Having conversations about consent

Parents often ask us how they can best protect their children, usually girls, from being victims of sexual assault. What’s our answer? First, we want everyone to know that men and boys also commonly experience sexual trauma. Then, we advise that the best way to protect your child is to prevent and address the perpetration of sexual violence, rather than attempting to prevent victimization.… Read More

Pro (Social) Tips: Building healthy (and happy) relationships

It’s February, so you know what that means! Valentine’s Day, candy hearts, chocolates, flowers, gushiness, consensual hugs and kisses, and bright and shiny relationships with no imperfections at all! Okay, so that’s not actually real life. Relationships can bring us joy, comfort and life-sustaining emotional nourishment. They can also be challenging, unsettling and anxiety-inducing. So,… Read More

Pro (Social) Tips: Treating service industry workers like people

Many of us look at the winter months as a time to express sensitivity, generosity, and compassion. Food banks begin overflowing with canned goods, shelters have more volunteers than they know how to manage, and families make amends. However, there is one glaring exception—there is a large group that often does not receive these kind… Read More

Pro (Social) Tips: A recipe for trauma-informed holidays

It’s already November and 2015 is coming to a close, which means holiday season is right around the corner! Winter welcomes a smorgasbord of cultural holidays: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc. For most people, family time is synonymous with this joyous season. From blood relatives to chosen families, this time of year is meant… Read More

Pro (Social) Tips: Safe and Happy Halloween 102

It’s that time of the year again–class is back in session. Even better, Halloween is right around the corner! Last year, we published some study material to help you prep for the big day. Before we jump into our freaky festivities, let’s review the material and expand on our findings.  1. Celebrate responsibly (and respectfully).… Read More

Pro (Social) Tips: How to be a good person

In her journal, Anne Frank wrote, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” Working in anti-violence and anti-oppression movements, we think a lot about what it means to be a good person, and we try our best to put it into practice. What have we learned? Being a good person takes… Read More

Pro(social) Tips: Responding to disclosures of sexual trauma

Yesterday in our weekly staff briefing at the STAR office, we discussed how sexual trauma survivors are more likely to consider and attempt suicide. We asked Nicole, one of our counselors who has over a decade of experience working with sexual trauma survivors, what she thought contributed most to survivors’ suicidal ideation and attempts. Her response? “I… Read More

STAR’s tips and tricks for the Halloween season

Halloween is the undoubtedly the best holiday of the year! Here at STAR, we know a few ways to make it even better! Celebrate responsibly (and respectfully) Magic is in the air! Halloween isn’t just for the kiddos; we adults get an excuse to party too. As we all know, many adult gatherings include alcohol—society’s… Read More