Support STAR and Celebrate Consent this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate with consent. Share a STAR valentine with your sweetie and donate $10 to support STAR and the survivors we serve. Text STAR20 to 41444 or visit our online donation page to give now! Click on the links below to print out your STAR Valentines and share the love on February 14th! Download PDF… Read More

The 5 Components of Healthy Sexuality Education

By Angela Golden, STAR Community Education Director in Baton Rouge We live in a world that tells us in order to promote, advertise and sell anything, we must use sex! We see sex in movies, television shows and on social media. It is portrayed as this amazing experience between people without any reference to sexual… Read More

Ways We May Inadvertently Perpetuate Rape Culture

By: Kristen Williams, LMSW, STAR Counselor   Let’s talk about Rape Culture. When we think of culture, we think of positive aspects such as history, arts and achievements. For something to become integrated into culture, it has to become a set of normalized ideas, attitudes and practices. For this reason, it is encouraged that we… Read More

Compassion Fatigue: Keeping on and Moving Forward

By JayTee Barbour, STAR Medical Advocate, New Orleans One of the most rewarding parts of working in the human services field is the ability to assist our clients and feel rewarded in that same interaction. In this process, we are taking in and learning from every experience what it means to be human. The brain… Read More

Celebrate Consent this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, show your loved ones how much you respect and support them by gifting them a special STAR Valentine. These valentines are special because they show your partner and friends that you prioritize consent in your interactions and support their decisions. Click on the links below to print out your STAR Valentines and… Read More

Self-Care During the Holidays

By: Laneceya Russ, Advocacy Director, Baton Rouge Practicing self-care on a normal basis can be hard for some people. Now, try adding in self-care during the holiday season when you may be experiencing anxiety and stress from being around certain family members or taking care of the million and one things on your to-do list… Read More

Providing Comprehensive Sex Education in Schools Helps Prevent Sexual Violence

By Racheal Hebert, LCSW, President & CEO The topic of comprehensive sex education for youth remains controversial across Louisiana. While some believe that keeping sexual health education out of schools serves as a way to prevent teens from having sex, our statewide data shows a different story. According to our state’s 2016 Annual Health Report… Read More

The Difference Between Self-Defense and Rape Prevention

The idea of having girls and women participate in self-defense classes to reduce their risk of rape is highly debated. “Teach men not to rape” is a common response from survivors and advocates who feel that the burden of rape prevention is unfairly placed on the victims. Writing in The Guardian, Jessica Valenti echoed this… Read More

Consent-Supportive Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Our Legal Director, Morgan Lamandre, shares her experience about using Valentine’s Day as a way to discuss consent with her sons. Valentine’s Day is not a holiday I look forward to when it comes to my sons’ class parties because I always have to provide commentary when reading the cards they receive. Although they are… Read More

Why Children Don’t Tell

Media outlets continue to cover the horrifying sexual abuse former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar committed against young athletes that sought his care. At his trial, 156 victims spoke, recounting similar stories of how they went to Nassar to receive his care for sports injuries only to be sexually assaulted and told it was a form… Read More