Agents of Change: Tommy Naquin

  If you have the opportunity to participate in something that you’re passionate about, take it. Also, give this movement a chance to become something that your passionate about. – Tommy Naquin What is your relationship with STAR?  I became involved with the organization when it was embarking on its transition from the District Attorney’s… Read More

Agents of Change: Derrick Lathan

What is your position at STAR? I serve as the Youth Development Coordinator. I sometimes tell students I’m their “big brother” for short. How did you come to work at STAR and/or in the field of sexual assault prevention/response? A bunch of stuff just kind of happened at the same time to be honest. I… Read More

Agents of Change: Jordan Gonzales

“It is incredibly rewarding for me to see even the smallest of changes with clients. To be there as clients learn one new way of coping, or experience one tiny change in the way they see themselves, is a huge honor.” – Jordan Gonzales 1. What is your position at STAR? I’ve been a counselor… Read More

Agents of Change: Collin Wade

It is my genuine belief that patently false accusations are incredibly rare, and if someone is speaking up, something problematic happened, regardless of whether it rises to the level of criminal or civil liability. – Collin Wade 1. What is your connection to STAR? I’m a lead organizer of Me Too NOLA, a local organization that seeks… Read More

Agents of Change: Amelia Ryland

The very unfortunate truth is that our society has evolved in many ways, but sexual assault and violence are still so incredibly prevalent. The only way to eliminate sexual violence is to target the pillars that support it. – Amelia Ryland 1. What is your connection to STAR? I was fortunate enough to complete a… Read More

Agents of Change: Ashley Seaverson

If I see something that’s inappropriate and involves rape culture in any way, I speak up and say something. I try to educate others about things like consent and how to treat survivors of sexual assault. – Ashley Seaverson 1. What is your position at STAR? I am a part-time Medical Advocate for STAR, so… Read More