#LiftEVERYVoice: Betty Jean Owens

This week’s #ListEVERYvoice segment highlights Betty Jean Owens, an African American woman who was brutally raped by four white men in Tallahassee, Florida in 1959. Betty’s History On May 2, 1959, four African American students at Florida A & M were forced out of their car, at knife and gunpoint, by four white men. The two African American males… Read More

The Difference Between Self-Defense and Rape Prevention

The idea of having girls and women participate in self-defense classes to reduce their risk of rape is highly debated. “Teach men not to rape” is a common response from survivors and advocates who feel that the burden of rape prevention is unfairly placed on the victims. Writing in The Guardian, Jessica Valenti echoed this… Read More

#LiftEVERYvoice: Emmett Till

This week’s #LiftEVERYvoice segment features Emmett Tilll, a 14-year-old African-American boy who was tortured and killed after being accused of whistling at a white woman in Mississippi in 1955. This event caused widespread outrage and inspired many to open public discourse about the mistreatment of African Americans in the south and beyond.   “I thought of Emmett… Read More

Agents of Change: Collin Wade

It is my genuine belief that patently false accusations are incredibly rare, and if someone is speaking up, something problematic happened, regardless of whether it rises to the level of criminal or civil liability. – Collin Wade 1. What is your connection to STAR? I’m a lead organizer of Me Too NOLA, a local organization that seeks… Read More

#LiftEVERYVoice: Lena Baker

This week’s #LiftEVERYvoice segment highlights Lena Baker, a survivor who was convicted of capital murder of her white employer, Ernest Knight. “What I done, I did in self-defense, or I would have been killed myself. Where I was I could not overcome it. God has forgiven me. I have nothing against anyone. I picked cotton… Read More

Interns Spotlight

At STAR, we are so grateful to get the opportunity to work with so many talented individuals. Each year we accept several interns to assist with providing direct client services through our advocacy, counseling and legal programs. Today we’d like to highlight our spring interns and the great work they are doing at STAR and… Read More

#LiftEVERYvoice: Ruby Jackson McCollum

This week’s #LiftEVERYvoice segment highlights Ruby Jackson, a survivor whose case has been considered a landmark trial in the struggle for civil rights as she was the first black woman to testify against a white man’s sexual abuse and paternity of their child.    Ruby’s History By Alexis, Medical Advocate in Baton Rouge Ruby Jackson McCollum… Read More

Agents of Change: Amelia Ryland

The very unfortunate truth is that our society has evolved in many ways, but sexual assault and violence are still so incredibly prevalent. The only way to eliminate sexual violence is to target the pillars that support it. – Amelia Ryland 1. What is your connection to STAR? I was fortunate enough to complete a… Read More

#LiftEVERYvoice: Sara Baartman

Why #LiftEVERYvoice STAR® recognizes that the intersection of sexual violence and racism is embedded in history. Centuries of sexual abuse against Black bodies are glossed over, omitted, or muted. Survivors who were brave enough to speak out were silenced by society, rarely receiving justice. Black women and men who stepped up to speak their truth with… Read More