STAR Releases “Court Connect for Kids”: a workbook about going to court for kids.

By Morgan Lamandre, STAR Legal Director

Every year there are thousands of cases involving child sexual abuse victims in the State of Louisiana. Going to court can be frightening and overwhelming for children that have experienced sexual trauma, and research show that without proper preparation and support, children can be further traumatized through the court process. Additionally, children that are experiencing severe emotional distress may have a hard time making it through their testimony, which may result in child predators being found not guilty.

In an effort to help children prepare for court, STAR created “Court Connect For Kids,” a book that explains with child-friendly language and pictures why children may have to go to court, who works inside a courthouse, and rules and tips for witnesses. Our goal is for this book to help minimize anxiety and help children to become confident witnesses. In turn, we think this will help child survivors secure favorable legal outcomes. 

Click here to view an electronic copy of this book. STAR has a limited number of printed copies. Please contact us at 225-615-7093 if you would like to make arrangements to pick some up. 

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