The Good News: November 2015

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“How the harassment of a Brazilian child unified the country’s women


Valentina Schulz on Junior MasterChef in Brazil

Women and girls are using their voices and stories to raise awareness and protest. The battle is far from over, but the inspiring campaigns of women around the world make me feel empowered to keep on fighting. – Laura Bates

Lessons Learned

  • When adults sexually abuse and harass children–whether in person or online–it is not only illegal, but also harmful to children. This behavior ignores a child’s right to experience a healthy childhood free from sexual violence and trauma. Even when adults talk about children in a sexual manner, they are causing harm because this sexualization of children helps to normalize and encourage sexual abuse against children.
  • High rates of sexual violence perpetrated by men against women in public and in the workplace perpetuates gender inequality by constructing added barriers for women to participate fully and succeed in these spaces. Valuing and respecting women’s perspectives is a necessary step to bring attention to near-universal experiences of sexual harassment and assault.
  • Talk is action. Discussing and sharing personal experiences with each other brings awareness and understanding to a particular issue. Because it magnifies and expands the reach of our voices, the Internet gives us the opportunity to make a positive change in our own communities and beyond. As seen in this article, participating in public dialogue on a substantial platform, like social media, can make a big impact.


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