Featured Finds: Planned Parenthood demonstrates consent

Planned Parenthood released a series of videos to demonstrate what consent looks and sounds like in a true-to-life, practical, and engaging way. The videos, featuring different types of partnerships, answer the question, “How do you know if someone wants to have sex with you?” by exploring various situations…

like, when they’re into it:

or when they’re kinda into it:

and when they’re just not into it:

Amanda Marcotte comments on the videos in Slate, “These videos work because they show viewers that consent simply isn’t confusing… It helps show the audience that it’s not as hard to hear someone telling you no as some folks might say.”

The fact is, consent is not confusing. It isn’t a burden. It isn’t something you’re trying to get from another person–it’s something you build with another person, and it is essential for good, healthy sex.

Additional Reading:

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