June Media Update

State legislators passed laws to protect victims of sexual and domestic violence. (Gambit)


‘Nothing simple about rape’: Bill changes terminology in Louisiana’s rape laws

Ban on billing rape victims for exams passed by legislature

City Council committee discusses reforms to NOPD’s sex crimes unit

The shocking stories that led Louisiana to ban charging rape victims hefty medical fees

Lawmakers take aim at protecting victims of sexual assault

Former NFL star Darren Sharper pleads guilty to rape to end series of pleas

Laws covering rape exams show victims the support they need

Protecting victims of rape, domestic abuse

Jindal signs four bills designed to improve rape victim treatment

Emma Sulkowicz carries her mattress at Columbia College Class Day. (Kiera Wood/Columbia Daily Spectator)


Have we learned anything from the Columbia rape case?

Rape victims shouldn’t be scared into silence. Neither should journalists.

Can an online game help stop sexual assault on campus?

How activists improved the handling of campus sexual assault this year

Marital rape is semi-legal in 8 states

Sexual assault survivors tell their stories

Military rape cases will stay within the chain of command

Panelists talk about campus sexual assault — the scope of the problem, and ways to prevent it

Undocumented sexual assault victims face backlash and backlog

Bosnian women attend a mass funeral in 2010. (Dado Ruvic/Reuters)


New Delhi authorities backtrack on controversial exam for rape victims

5,000 dresses in a soccer stadium help Kosovo talk about wartime rape

Bosnia rape victims may claim compensation for first time

Prevention begins with supporting survivors and holding offenders accountable. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)


What we know about false rape allegations

Sexual abuse victims need understanding, not outrage

Your child should never be forced to hug anyone (yes, including a relative)

Why do sexual assault survivors feel shame? A cartoon sums it up.

Teaching women to avoid rape works, but it’s controversial

Why many rape victims don’t fight or yell

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