May Media Update


Legislation supporting sex assault victims advances to House Appropriations Committee

Legislation that halts medical bills from being presented to rape victims sails through House committee

House panel OKs rape victim exam funding


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Rape victim waves hospital bills before Louisiana lawmakers in emotional plea for new law

Bill aimed at aiding sexual assault victims advances, would ensure victims aren’t charged for medical care

Paying for Louisiana rape kit testing: State Rep. Helena Moreno’s bill is backed by Gov. Bobby Jindal — but casino interests oppose it

Baton Rouge DA opposes bill waiving exam costs for rape victims

Sexual assault overhaul bills receive unanimous final passage in Louisiana Senate

Here’s how Louisiana lawmakers want to address sexual assault on college campuses

Super Bowl image including Darren Sharper to be removed from Champions Square

Darren Sharper admits drugging women for rape in federal guilty plea in New Orleans courtroom

NOPD officers charged with rape, child pornography still on force

Lyndsi Lambert told police she was raped. Then, she says, things got worse.

‘We’ll find out who’s lying’: Lyndsi Lambert alleged rape, but felt like the suspect

7 months after Lyndsi Lambert alleged rape, ‘sufficient evidence not present’ to arrest

Women, rape allegations and the struggle to be believed

Many rape victims keep quiet, so they won’t feel like Lyndsi Lambert did


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Sue Bernie, East Baton Rouge sex crimes prosecutor, retires after 30 years of representing victims of sexual abuse

Fewer rapes reported in East Baton Rouge than other Louisiana parishes

Students start anti-sexual harassment group Respond New Orleans


Rape is not an ‘off-the-field distraction’

Colleges need to end the culture of silence around sexual assault

Rape is common among female college freshmen, study shows

Sexual assault is an epidemic. Only the most committed apologist can deny it

Issue advisory: Untested rape kits pile up, hinder judicial process

Clearing the rape kit backlog is fraught with obstacles

The Education Department has a huge backlog of sexual assault investigations that’s still growing

Sharp decrease of sexual assault in military, study finds

‘I’ve been quiet long enough’: new report details consequences of alleging sexual assault in military

2 more women accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault

Cosby rape allegations prompt legal action in Nevada


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‘I will not be silenced’: fight for justice that gave Kenyan rape victims a voice

A comic book about a rape survivor turned superhero is spreading awareness about rape in India

How can women reclaim their bodies after sexual assault?

What role do men play in the fight against sexual assault?

Why doesn’t society care about male rape?


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Behind the scenes with a police rape team: ‘We start by believing the victim’

How school dress codes shame girls and perpetuate rape culture

When the rapist doesn’t see it as rape

Not every rape victim needs to be Emma Sulkowicz

Asking too much, or not enough?


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