April Media Update


STAR offers legal services for sexual assault survivors

Baton Rouge gears up for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

10 things to know about Darren Sharper’s plea deal settling rape charges

Leges take up sexual assault policies

Smiling former Destrehan teacher ought to be on state’s sex-offender list: Jarvis DeBerry

Christian Life Academy teacher arrested for alleged sex with student; boy’s mom found texts from teacher on phone then reported her

State Senate backs bill requiring sexual assault awareness training for campus police

Domestic violence, sexual assault victims would receive more protection from legislation proposed by state lawmakers


When civilians accuse troops of rape, military courts often decide

106 colleges are under federal investigation for sexual assault cases

Sexual assault activists fear Rolling Stone retraction will derail progress

It wasn’t Jackie’s job to get the details of her rape correct. It was Rolling Stone’s

In the wake of damning review of UVA rape article, Rolling Stone is still blaming Jackie

Upon Further Review: Inside the police failure to stop Darren Sharper’s rape spree

After Rolling Stone debacle, will sexual assault survivors trust the media?

Some states are considering adding sexual assault sanctions to student transcripts

Third suspect arrested in alleged Panama City gang rape

Writer Ayana Byrd: Imagine if Snoop forcibly kissed Taylor Swift the way Madonna kissed Drake

National fraternity groups step away from controversial sexual assault proposal

A new survey of 28 colleges could shed light on a controversial rape statistic

U.S. cracks down on female teachers who sexually abuse students

Three more women accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault


After global protests, Kenyan court sentences 3 men who raped teen

Marriage sacred, concept of marital rape cannot be applied in India: Govt


These campus sexual assault statistics are what we should be focusing on, not Rolling Stone

Why America’s prison rape endemic is everyone’s problem

While we focus on shootings, we ignore victims of police sexual assault

Your role in the movement to end campus sexual assault

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