January Media Update


Drafting a uniform approach to sexual assault on Louisiana campuses

Inventory: 1,163 rape kits sit untested across Louisiana

Kenner overhauling domestic violence diversion program 

U.S. Supreme Court will not hear Baton Rouge Catholic confession case

Former LSU student indicted in alleged “Tinder rape” of Baton Rouge woman

Scotlandville band director fired after accused of raping student, EBR schools official said

Former “Sons of Guns” reality star Will Hayden pleads not guilty in child rape case

Louisiana No. 3 for inappropriate teacher-student relationships, former U.S. education official says


Steubenville schools chief goes on trial in rape case

11 N.Y. colleges investigated for handling of sexual assault

George Zimmerman arrested on suspected domestic violence

UVA reinstates frat after police find no proof of rape described in Rolling Stone article

Va. delegate’s bill aims to change campus sexual assault policy

Another woman steps forward to accuse Cosby of sexual assault

NBC cuts ties with Bill Cosby amid sexual assault allegations

Colts linebacker Josh McNary charged with rape

Rick Snyder vetoes gun bill over domestic violence concerns

Hagel criticizes military’s culture of retaliating against people who report sexual assault

The latest controversy over the inadequate rape/incest exception

Two Vanderbilt football players found guilty of rape charges

Fewer than half the students accused of sexual assault are judged responsible


Taipei rally targets domestic violence

Britain’s child sex-abuse survivors are finally being listened to

‘Uber rape’ drives boost for women cabbies

All-enveloping silence persists around rape in Ukraine conflict

Sexual assault: Our universities are a ‘national embarrassment’


What you need to know about sexual assault

When your student has been sexually assaulted

Sexual objectification ups fear of rape among women

Why do some people still think domestic violence is justified?

How financial literacy can fight domestic violence

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