December Media Update


Background check did not show prior arrests for janitor accused of raping a Baton Rouge student

Darren Sharper, 2 others indicted in New Orleans rape cases

Darren Sharper charged in a six-count federal indictment 

Survivors speak out against NOPD’s response to sexual assaults 

Officer indicted in Tangipahoa rape, kidnappings

Rape exams will be billed to state, not victims, under new Jindal executive order

Former janitor accused of raping student in Baton Rouge area school

A look inside the inner workings of LSU’s sexual misconduct policy that many praise

Grand Jury indicts former ‘Sons of Guns’ star William Hayden in rape of two victims

LSU law student indicted by East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury for allegedly raping two women

Baton Rouge police reveal new information about suspect who kidnapped 7-year-old girl from BREC park, sexually assaulted her


VA expands eligibility for VA health care related to military sexual trauma

Gillibrand seeks another vote on military’s handling of sexual assault cases

UVA president on rape controversy: ‘We will lead’

McCaskill says Rolling Stone rape story is ‘bad journalism’

Pentagon Survey: More sexual assault cases reported

Limiting the parental rights of sexual assault perpetrators

Jameis Winston is cleared in hearing over student’s rape accusation

Harvard settles sex assault case


World Health Organization urges countries to stop performing ‘virginity tests’ on women 

Why Uber’s rape scandal is more than a ‘growing pain’


Why rape and trauma survivors have fragmented and incomplete memories



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