October Media Update


Few Louisiana rape victims seek reparations through complex process

Lawmakers set meeting to discuss billing of rape victims, campus sexual assault report

Teacher at False River Academy in Pointe Coupee Parish arrested, suspected of sexually assaulting student

Panel considers campus sexual assault survey

LSU police investigating an alleged sexual assault on campus

Louisiana can look to other states for ways to shield rape victims from examination costs

LSU track athlete accused of raping woman at party

Country Club rape victim targeted by fliers after Bywater club bans nudity

Rape victim billing fix proposed 

STAR in the News


October 8th has been proclaimed STAR Day by Major Holden! 


Baton Rouge ‘hunks’ raise money for STAR

Jindal administration promises plan to end billing of rape victims in Louisiana

STAR awarded $1 million in federal grants to expand services:


Lena Dunham opens up about being a rape survivor

Complaint alleges sexual abuse in immigration detention center

The U.S. prison system may be exposing transgender prisons to rape

Seven teens charged in Sayreville High School assaults

7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins admits to child sexual abuse

Jameis Winston rape investigation hampered by police and FSU administrators

Kesha’s producer ‘Dr. Luke’ accused of sexual assault 

85 colleges are now under federal investigation for mishandling sexual assault cases

‘Gamergate’: Feminist video game critic Anita Sarkeesian cancels Utah lecture after threat


Iranian woman hanged after allegedly murdering her attacker 


The CDC publishes an intimate partner and domestic violence infographic 

STAR publishes their view on the issue of billing rape victims for their examinations and treatment 



Learn more about STAR’s services, advocacy programs, and mission at our website

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