August Media Update


Woman raped by man she met on dating website

Man faces attempted rape and theft charges after woman attacked

Man accused in Baton Rouge ‘Tinder rape’ bails out of prison

Rape charge dropped in Woodlawn case

Crime Stoppers searches for suspected rapist

Baton Rouge teacher accused of raping teen student

University resources attempt to combat sexual assault

Murdered local TV personality Scott Rodgers accused of child sexual abuse

STAR in the News


225 Magazine reports: STAR and LSU Women’s Center host Monument Quilt reports: Monument Quilt displayed to bring awareness to sexual trauma and its survivors

WRKF 89.3 reports: Baton Rouge hosts the Monument Quilt 

WBRZ Channel 2 reports: Our Director of Prevention commented on the rape of a 14 year-old by a Cox Communications worker


Man uses dating site to rape six women

Nail polish invented that detects date rape drugs

Victims pressure cities to test old rape kits to solve cases

Air Force football players used date rape drugs at party


‘Fashion shoot’ on Nirbhaya rape triggers outrage


Why the new date rape drug-detecting nail polish is not a solution to the sexual violence epidemic 

10 things no one ever told you about life after sexual abuse

Society’s indifference to prison rape has to end

Survivors of sexual trauma deserve to live full lives


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