May Media Update

Local News

A convicted sex offender from Port Allen repeatedly raped his girlfriend’s 12-year-old daughter last year and arranged sexual encounters between the girl and other adults. He was indicted along with five others in the rape of the child.

Baton Rouge Police arrested a 32-year-old man accused of beating and raping a woman at knife point.

A Baton Rouge man pulled out a handgun and forced a woman behind a carwash where he sexually assaulted her. After, he took the woman’s cell phone and food stamp card.

A man from Baton Rouge sexually assaulted a minor who is now pregnant.

Baton Rouge man was arrested for raping an 11 year old girl.

Baton Rouge police arrested a 27-year-old man accused of raping a 6-year-old girl in September.

Baton Rouge Deputies arrested a 31-year-old man accused of molesting a 5-year-old girl on multiple occasions last year.

New Orleans police caught a man sexually assaulting a woman who he forced into her Carrollton-area home and robbed her.

St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office says a man entered a woman’s home without permission, then beat and raped her.

FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture is holding a fundraiser on kickstarter in order to fund their summer Monument Quilt Tour. The Monument Quilt is a participatory art project that creates public space for survivors of rape and abuse to heal.

This summer, the quilt will be going on tour throughout the United States, including Baton Rouge. In partnership with STAR, they will display the quilt in downtown Baton Rouge.

Only a few days are left for their fundraiser. Donate today! Depending on how much you donate, you will receive consent themed items like panties, shot glasses, condoms, bumper stickers, t-shirts and more.

National News

Sarah Kostovny is a rape survivor who is pushing for a national crime victim bill of rights.

Sarah Kostovny and local officials  from Wyoming are pushing for a national crime victim bill of rights. “All too often are victims being shut out to the sentencing process, they’re being shut out of trial processes, and we’re told that the defendant’s rights trumps that,” Natrona Co. District Attorney Michael Blonigen said. “Well, if there was a victim’s bill of right amendment, that argument would no longer be valid.”

A group of students from Brandeis University in Boston, Massachusetts called the Brandeis Students Against Sexual Violence delivered a letter to top administrators outlining the need to address sexual violence on campus. The letter includes 11 proposed changes to campus life, ranging from providing students with additional bystander intervention training to the establishment of a permanent rape crisis center on campus.


In this video, Laci Green offers a basic overview to sexual consent: how to ask for consent, as well as what consent does and does not sound like.

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