Weekly Media Update

Local News

Baton Rouge

LSU police arrested Aaron Caid Thursday for raping his ex-girlfriend in her dorm at LSU. Read more here and here.

The Baton Rouge Police Department arrested a 32-year-old man on charges of Kidnapping and Attempted Rape for grabbing a woman standing in front of a store in the 3300 block of Florida. He dragged the woman to an empty, overgrown lot behind the store and attempted to rape her.  Read here.

National News

Etsy, an online store sells rape t-shirts.  See here.

International News


Three men gang raped a 13 year old girl in her own village in India and then set her on fire when she told them she would tell the other villagers.  More here.

South Africa

Two girl toddlers were taken from their doorstep, kidnapped and raped in broad daylight.  They were found a few days later murdered.  Only 6% of rape cases lead to conviction in South Africa.  See more here.


Mychal Denzel Smith says, “Drinking does not cause rape, and once you begin focusing on the actions and behavior of the victimized you ignore the role of perpetrator.”  See here.

“Not Ever” addresses victim-blaming attitudes towards rape such as claims that dressing provocatively, being drunk or flirting are contributory factors.

To the Steubenville rapists. Here’s what you can do to a young woman who’s had too much to drink.

Author: Catherine Thurmond

I am a Master of Liberal Arts student minoring in Women's and Gender Studies at LSU. During the Fall 2014 semester, I will begin to write her thesis on queer oppression through a philosophical Marxist feminist lens. My academic interests include second wave feminism, queer theory, queer Marxist feminism, feminist philosophy, Simone de Beauvoir, and Monique Wittig. I have been politically active since 2010, fighting for an end to oppression under capitalism. I was involved in Occupy NOLA, bringing in members of The Kasama Project, a national communist project in the United States. I was also active in student organizations at Southeastern Louisiana University where I organized many speaker events for activists such as Jordan Flaherty, Richard Becker, The Beehive Design Collective, Jed Brandt and Eric Ribellarsi, and Malik Rahim. More recently, I began volunteering for STAR, Sexual Trauma Awareness & Response, in 2013 as a hospital advocate where I supported sexual assault survivors. I later joined the Louisiana Delta Service Corps, often described as the Domestic Peace Corps, where I interviewed to be placed at STAR as their Outreach Coordinator. I am also the founder of a Feminist Consciousness Raising Group in Baton Rouge which uses feminist theory to discuss personal experiences under patriarchal oppression. Check it out here for more info about the group: http://brfeminist.wix.com/consciousnessraising

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