Steve, the vagina-loving man:
Basically, I thought I knew
something. And I knew nothing.
That’s what it comes down to.”

On March 22, Baton Rouge once again embraced Eve Ensler’s world-famous play “The Vagina Monologues”, organized the 5th year in a row by Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response Center to spread awareness and raise funds for the Center’s activity in organizing prevention trainings and providing assistance to victims of sexual assault.

It was a full house of men and women, as diverse as one can imagine, who came to love, to laugh and to learn. To love their body and the history behind it. To laugh and realize how pure things turn out to be when everything natural is considered moral. To learn to appreciate a woman with her fears, her pain, her insecurity sometimes, with her innocence, her power and with her devil inside.

The monologues cover a vast area of topics related to the reality modern women live in: words used to describe female sexual organs, attaching negative connotations, the life of sex workers, wrong perceptions of female sexuality, birth, traumatic childhood experiences, rape, etc. Every year the monologues include urgent topics reflecting the life of women.

The event was held within the framework of the International V-Day (until the violence stops). V-Day stands for Victory, Valentine and Vagina. By buying the tickets for the performance, the audience contributed to the safety and the well-being of their sisters, wives, mothers and daughters. They contributed to a healthy society to live in. To date, the V-Day movement has raised over $80 million and reached over 300 million people!

Baton Rouge performance became a reality due to volunteer amateur actresses, who did not spare time and effort for the cause.

Thank you to our performers and organizers: Alexandra Barbier, Alina Taylor, Alison Barker, Ashley Granger, Chelsea Lewis, Courtney Britton, Debi Taylor, Erryca Robicheaux, Gretchen Tressler, Kylie Cannon, Leah Willis Orth, Lucy Morrison, Mia van Houzen, Racheal Hebert, Rita Stevens, Stacey Simmons, Tegan Wendland!

Special thanks to our sponsors and supporters: Drs. Deborah and Todd Taylor, Dr. Ashley Cowart, Capital Area Medical Society, Woman’s Hospital, Baton Rouge Cake Goddess and  STAR Board Members, Staff and Volunteers.

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